Above the Ash - Book Three

Ember Skye has finally had enough. Tired of the constant sparring with the Council and her former nemesis, Sturd, Ember is demanding an audience with the Boss Himself - Santa Claus! But first she will have to contend with a furious Mrs. Claus, who is none too pleased with Emner's decision to undertsake the first ever All-Coal Night, where coal was left in the stockings of both the Naughty and Nice kids all over the world.

Meanwhile, Sturd has gathered up all the remaining elf twins (one of whom will soon be named the next Claus) under the guise of protection. But Ember and her gang have good reason to doubt the evil elf's intentions.

This final installment in The Coal Elf Chronicles will bring everything to a head. Whatever the outcome, the North Pole will never be the same.

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