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Posted by on in Author Series

I was tagged by my author friend, the prolific and masterful wordsmith, Aaron Paul Lazar, to participate in a sort of blog-hop activity.  I am to list seven things about my writing that people might not know.  Well, I’m a super sucker for the number seven, and felt extremely compelled to plat along.  Besides, Aaron is one hell of a guy and I support all of his endeavors. When Mr. Lazar asks you to do something, how can you not?  J Please go give his page a look, especially if you’re into mystery novels.  You won’t be disappointed! 


Okay.  Here I go. Seven things about my writing you may not know…



1.   I am a creature of habit.  I am bound by my obsessive compulsive tendencies.  I can’t help it.  It’s a sickness.  In all of my stories, woven between the pages, one is bound to find: a reference to Santa Claus, a reference to The Wizard of Oz, a dream sequence, references to being underwater or drowning.  Don’t ask. 





2.    I mentally cannot stop putting two spaces after a period.  It’s an automatic action.  <<smacks hands>> “bad author, bad author.”



3.    I am passionate about folklore and mythology and incorporated a lot of the old lore into my Coal Elf series.  You have to be “on the folklore ball” to pick up the little breadcrumbs I’ve left behind!


4.    I was born and raised Catholic, and while I am not practicing, I still have deep ties to religion and spirituality.  (Maybe my days as a Catholic school girl have scarred me for life?)  :) These tendencies have influenced my writing, especially in my Urban Fantasy stories.





(rocking that school girl uniform. 3rd grade, I believe)


5.    The very first REAL poem I wrote was on 10/26/1986.  I had just turned nine.  It was titled “A Halloween Poem.”  To this day, I usually incorporate some form or essence of poetry within my books.




6.    I’m a great embellisher, although, I’ve had so many incredible life experiences that I often find I don’t have to do much ‘bellishing! Like, I seriously can’t make half the stuff that I lived through up! But, of course, when I’m in the fantasy worlds of the elves, or zombies, or angels, I have to tweak some of my own memories to bend and fit the context of the particular universe.  Much of the narrative (for any of my books) is the fragments of me – slivers of secrets, puzzle pieces of the past. 


7.    Poetry saved my life. Period. The End.


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Posted by on in Author Series



       What’s the old saying?  “Home is where the heart is.”   It must be true because one of the prevalent themes in story-telling is the concept of Home - Having one, being a part of one, rejecting one, leaving one, desperately trying to find your way back to one.  Humans have an innate honing device that draws us to a nostalgic place of comfort and love. Some of the most influential stories of our time use HOME as a central theme.  After having experienced the wonder and glory of Oz, Dorothy said there was no place like it.  Her journey brought her to the realization that her black and white world of farm animals and twisters was really where she belonged.  Thrust onto an island while the war-torn world around them has no idea of their whereabouts, the children in The Lord of the Flies are in constant pursuit of returning home while in the process, create a home. And more recently, Katniss Everdeen initially strives to win The Hunger Games to go where?  Back Home.

In The Coal Elf, Ember Skye deals with this notion of Home from the moment she is called to her Life Job.  When she is sent to the Mines, her memories of her life Aboveground grip her so tightly that she is almost blinded by nostalgia.  The entire novel follows her path of dealing with those memories, confronting certain realities, and altering her own perceptions as to where she belongs, where she fits in, where she’s meant to be. 

So what is HOME?  What defines it?  For me, it’s an unseen structure made up of memories.    Spring birds singing in the morning as I waited for the school bus.  Running outside on a cool summer night to flag down the ice cream truck.  Standing on tree stumps in my backyard as dead leaves fell from the autumn trees.  The smell of my father’s work boots in the hallway.  Cuddling with my sister on Christmas Eve.  Coming home from school and being so angry with my mother for cleaning up my room.  My uncle’s voice booming as he and my mother sang Kenny Rogers’s songs.  My concept of Home expands far beyond the actual dwelling itself, and now I’m making a Home for my daughter, hopefully helping to build those memories of love and comfort she will seek refuge in her future.        





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Posted by on in Author Series

I was invited to play along in the blog hop by the fabulous Dina von Lowenkraft.  Dina is the author of Dragon Fire.


(Dina is currently the Regional Advisor for SCBWI Belgium, where she

lives with her husband, two children, three horses and a cat. Her

debut YA fantasy, Dragon Fire, was published by Twilight Times in
August 2013. Dragon Fire is a finalist in ForeWord Book’s 2013 Book of
the Year Award in YA fiction. Dragon Fire is also a category finalist
in the 2014 Eric Hoffer Book Awards.)


This tour highlights the main character from my WIP -  The Altered: Plague Within

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Posted by on in The Coal Elf

My friend and fellow author, Erin Entrada Kelly, passed the Baton to me in the Writing Process Blog Tour. (Be sure to look out for her debut novel from HarperCollins/GreenWillow early 2015!) I have to answer a few questions about what the writing process is for me, and then tag out a few others for your pleasure!  So here goes…

Q1:  What are you working on?
A:  Right now I am in the developing stages of the sequel to my yet-to-be-published Paranormal Thriller/Literary Horror, The Altered.    It’s tentatively titled, The Altered: Plague Within, and I can’t really give away the plotline and such because the first one is still waiting for a publisher pick-up.  But I can say this much - zombies, drugs, conspiracy, and high-tension all rolled up into social commentary on human nature. 

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The Coal Elf Trailer

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